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Ebenezer's Mission is to Serve, Teach, Evangelize, Equip, and Love. We strive to prepare our Youth for the issues they will face by serving our community, teaching them the Word, declaring our Faith in Jesus Christ and showing them love.

About our Mentorship Programs


From the character of Christ will come the conduct of Christ. Many of the young people in our community are faced with the devastating social ills of poverty, crime, abuse, or neglect that affect their daily lives. Traditionally, the church has been the "safe haven" for the community providing family support services. Historically, the church has played an integral role in a child's development by demonstrating their commitment to address a wide range of social problems through special ministries.

The bible calls us to mentor to the young and old. Research supports that the church is ideal to instill the type of spiritually based morals and values necessary for a child's growth and in helping them navigate through life's issues. Ebenezer Baptist Church's Mentorship Programs are an opportunity for youth to develop meaningful relationships that in turn, become a service to our community. 

Mentorship Programs

Boys to Men Mentorship Program

This mentorship program is for young men in grades  4-12. More information will be provided upon the launch of the program.

Girl Be*YOU*tiful

Girl Be*YOU*tiful is a mentorship program for girls in grades 4-12. Meetings are held monthly on a Saturday.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering with any of our mentorship programs, please contact us at

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